Amber’s First Time

Click! Click! Click! A set of black pumps with red sole tapped their way down the street creating a sound that echoed down the dark alley. A petite woman rounded the corner wearing a pair black washed jeans. Each knee was worn down showing her porcelain skin. Above that, she wore a black boostie that was covered in lace and accented with bright red trim. Her short black hair bobbed with each step that she took. With ruby red lips and bright green eyes, her face pierced the night sky. The knock down beauty approached a metal door on the back alley.

Knock! Knock! She hit the door twice. On the other side of the door she could hear a bit of rustling. With a loud thud, the small window on the center of the door slid open, revealing only two beady eyes.

“What kind of night is it?” The voice boomed through the door.

“It’s a night of mischief and fun.” The dark beauty responded confidently.

The door opened slightly and she walked in. The man behind the door was a a large as a football player, with broad shoulders and a large beard, he shifted his way back towards a couch in the corner with a few other people. They all sat around a small table that held a large hooka.

“You know where you are going?” A small voice came from behind a set of curtains. When the owner of that voice showed her face, she looked to be about eighteen. She had a small crop top on with high weighted short shorts. She completed her look with a pink neon set of high tops. She motioned towards the petite black haired girl that just entered down a hallway that was hidden behind the curtain.

Now following down that very hallway, the sound of music began to fill the air. She opened another door and went down a set of stairs. Soon she was standing in the middle of a huge club party. Searching the dance floor, she looked slightly disappointed. She then made her way over to the bar and ordered herself a strawberry daiquiri.

“Can I get you something baby?” A short man in a button up shirt and bleach blond hair whistled at her. He smelled of booze and by the way he was slouching over the bar top, she could tell he was on the other side of “slightly” intoxicated. As he preceeded to tell her what he could offer her during a bathroom quickie, she rolled her eyes.

As she turned around to confront the overly drunk creep, she found herself wanting to throw her drink right in his face. However, before she could say anything she felt a hand on her hip and the warmth of another body against her backside.

“There you are sweety. Those lines to the restrooms are crazy. Who is your friend?” Defeated and a little irritated, the man slouched away until he spotted another young girl in a mini dress and shouted at her telling her she had a nice ass.

Turning around, the petite dark soul smiled at her savior. “Thanks for saving me.” The savior was no other than a fiery redhead with sky blue gems for eyes. She wore a simple cocktail dress with thigh high boots. “My name is Amber”.

The redhead extended her hand out, “I’m Roxie. So what are you here for? I haven’t seen you at these parties before.” Amber blushed and whispered something in her ear. “Follow me Amber, I know what to do.” She grabbed ahold of  Roxie’s hand as she led her past the dance floor to another hallway.

The hallway was scattered with rooms left and right. Some of the rooms managed to get a small gathering of people outside the door. They watched in fascination at whatever was going on. As Roxie led Amber past the door, she tried to peer into the room between the cracks but was unable to see anything. They next room they past a scream of pleasure was heard on the other side of the door.  The room after that the door was opened. Amber looked inside as Roxie opened the door across from that only to see a couple entertaining a group of onlookers by stroking his cock and slapping the female on the face with the tip of it. Her hands were tied behind her back, her clothes ripped.

“Do you do this often?” Amber asked quietly. Roxie assured her that this was not her first time, but she would start small with her. Amber walked into the small room and sat down on the bed. Roxie came in behind her and locked the door. Slipping off her cocktail dress, her black bra, panties, and garter was exposed. She unlocked the trunk in the corner of the room.

“What are you interested in? BDSM, cosplay, master and slave?” questioned Roxie. Looking over at Amber, she could tell that she was lost. She got closer to Amber and kissed her softly. A smile crept across Amber’s face. Roxie placed her hands on her small frame and pushed her onto the bed. The two of them spent a few minutes making out when Roxie started unbuttoned her jeans. She traced her fingers up Amber’s arms, never leaving her lips. Amber felt something tickle her wrists, looking up, she noticed Roxie tying some rope on them and attaching it to the bed.  Her heart started to race. Once the knot was tight, Roxie turned her attention to Amber’s jeans. Grabbing the sides of them, she yanked them down her legs. Amber’s bright pink thong was now exposed. Roxie walked over to the trunk sitting on the ground. Reaching down slowly, sliding her hands down her own legs as she bent down to get into the trunk, she looked back and seen that Amber’s eye hadn’t left her sight.

Roxie grabbed something small from inside the trunk. She walked back towards Amber slowly. Climbing ontop of her, she stretched out the small item revealing it’s true form, a long, thin scarf. She dangled the scarf up Amber’s body. Goosebumps popped up everywhere on Amber’s skin as the scarf went across her chest. Roxie unlaced the boostie allowing Amber’s nipple to get hard. She leaned down, licking and sucking on her right nipple while she played with the left one. Squeezing and twisting it with pleasure. Amber let out a small ah sound and she breathed in. Roxie took the scarf and tied it around Amber’s head, blocking her site.

“It’s time to really feel Amber, really experience.” Amber could feel the bed get lighter as Roxie climbed down once more. She could hear the boots click against the ground as she walked away from the bed. Amber listened closely as she shifting things around in the deep trunk to the left of the bed. Her mind going wild as to what could be happening over there. She felt Roxie’s fingertips go up the inside of her right thigh. The bed was heavy once more. She knew Roxie just mounted the bed. There was a slight tickle that followed. It was Roxie’s hair. Soon a slight buzzing sound filled the air. Amber felt a thick vibrating knob against her clit and her pussy. The knob moved in little circles. Roxie’s hand drifted up towards her breasts once more. Her fingertips went in circles around her hard nipples. As her pussy started to get wet, the wand circled faster and faster. Eventually her panties slid to one side and the buzzing stopped. A fat wet tongue started to slide across her slit followed by a set of fingers entering inside of her tight hole.

“OOOOOOHHHH” Amber let out a loud moan. This only enticed Roxie to go faster and harder. She turned the vibrator back on and placed it by Amber’s ass hole. She jumped and Roxie smacked her pussy.

“Down my pet”. Roxie called out. The vibrations on Amber’s ass sent pleasure in her body that she had never experienced before.

Roxie slapped her pussy once more, harder this time, and Amber moaned. “Uuh fuck that feels good.” she said.

“Yeah? You like that you little slut?” Roxie slapped her wet clit, opening up the lips and spit on it. She took her three fingers and rubbed fast across it, shoving them inside her gushing pussy and once more across her clit. “Cum for me you dirty slut, I want you to fucking cum all over my hand.” She continue to race her fingers across Amber’s clit  until she came.

Amber’s body began to shake and Roxie took her wet fingers and placed them inside Amber’s mouth. “You taste so good baby, I bet you like the taste of your own juice don’t you?”

Amber sucked on each one of Roxie fingers, moaning a muffled “Mh-hm”. Roxie got up and blindfolded Amber. She walked back over to the trunk and dropped the blind fold inside. She came back over to Amber and helped her turn over. She kept her tied to the head board. Going back to the trunk, she grabbed a ball gag and a braided whip. Amber’s eyes got wide as Roxie walked back over with the new toys. She hooked the gag around Amber’s face and smacked her left cheek with the wip. Amber jumped. Once more, she smacked the right side. Amber jumped again and this time Roxie could hear a muffled scream. With a chuckle, Roxie continue to rub and hit her each time a little harder. Once each leg was speckled with red marks, Roxie made her way back towards the trunk.

Roxie looked back at Amber, her sweet juicy pussy was exposed and dripping onto the floor. She grabbed a harness and put it around her waist. “You know what this is pet?” Amber studied the belt for a minute and shook her head. Roxie bent down inside the trunk and grabbed a thick dildo and attached it to the contraption. “You know what this is now?” she asked smiling. Amber’s back rolled, and she mounted the bed, legs spread. Roxie walked back over with her whip in her right hand. “Not yet”. Roxie climbed on the bed putting the dick right in Amber’s face. She unhooked the ball gag and dropped it under her. She held the whip and smacked her ass once more. “Get it wet first.” Amber open wide as Roxie thrusted the cock deep inside her mouth. With each pass, Roxie pushed it further inside her mouth, occasionally gagging her.

“Fuck me please” Amber said exhausted. “I need it.”

Roxie grabbed her hair and yanked her up, kissing her. “As you wish.” She then slammed Amber down into the bed coming up from behind her. Roxie grabbed each one of Amber’s hips and rammed deep inside her. With each thrust, she squeezed her tighter. She continued to slam inside her gushing hole, Roxie found herself getting wetter by the minute. Thinking of Amber’s soft, flawless skin, she wanted to have her needs met too.

When Amber couldn’t stand any more, she flipped her over on her back. Roxie sat on her knees taking the stap on off, placing her own dripping pussy in Amber’s face. “I want you to eat this juicy peach right now. Make me cum all over your face.” Amber gladly obliged, slurping up every last bit of juice that was coming out of that tight hole. Roxie rode her face as Amber darted her tongue inside. She didn’t stop until her master was cumming all over her face.

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